So, that would be different from regular multi caches that garner one find at the end of 5 stages. It's something new, something fresh, a new type of experience that many people can enjoy. Geocache-Verstecke beschädigen, verunstalten oder zerstören kein öffentliches oder privates Eigentum. I guess that could be possible if things were opened up in the future, but I get the sense that things will be limited during this experimental phase. Of course, it's not surprising that their use was extended after they were created. There is another Forum section, although it sees little activity, specifically for Lab Caches. Yes, players go to a specific location and look for a keyword, number, or answer to a question. On 2/1/2019 at 11:20 PM, noncentric said: On 2/5/2019 at 11:32 PM, Dirkverschuren said: Copyright © 2000-2021 Groundspeak, Inc. DBA Geocaching. It was a legitimate test to see the reception of the experience before making a decision and fleshing it out more. Examples include business partnerships, Mega-Events, and other community events. It sounds like you are already familiar with Lab Caches, as you said "the old lab caches", so there really isn't anything new except that the option to log finds via the website it going away. Der Test wird umso interessanter, je größer der nutzbare Cache einer CPU ist (auch flächenmäßig). I guess some may even feel the end of "don't place a cache every 600' just because you can" was keeping pace with something... May be just me, but I've yet to see another outdoors hobby that's comparable to this one. Turn right and go into the bathroom, then through the hole made by the missing wall panel. I'm surprised about them limiting to 250. Mögt ihr Lab-Caches? Turn right and go into the bathroom, then through the hole made by the missing wall panel. As with all cache types, some locations work for certain things better than for other things. Much ado here for something that most of us will only have a remote chance to see, much less odds to place one. It sounds like the Linear Gameplay is intended to give Builders the option of forcing players to follow a storyline, instead of just going to the various locations in some random order. Es gibt auch keine Dose oder so, Lab Caches sind reine "Internet Caches" - und zählen auch (noch) nicht für die Statistik. All on one map, just icons to help with planning journeys, holidays or just finding lab caches that you may be passing...! Yeah, initially it was a conceptual placeholder for test experiences, only requiring a keyword/phrase in order to 'complete' a task that wouldn't fit or be allowed into any other cache type container. Ende letzten Jahres konnte man sich bei Groundspeak für einen Adventure-Lab-Cache mit maximal 5 Stationen bewerben. Ketchua has been writing about games for far too long. The best most recent implementation I think of a lab cache was when they used AR (before AR caches were a thing). Kurzfassung: der Lab Cache ist von einem Cacher für einen Cacher, d.h. 1:1. They became known not as experimental experiences but bonus event-based..things that give you another find. Since they don't require a container, I was envisioning  "Virtual-like linear gameplay"  power trails forming, just like when folks pooh-poohed away concerns after " Please don't hide a cache every 600 feet just because you can"  was removed. But... that's what "lab" implies here - experimental. Aufbauend auf dem Konzept und den Erfahrungen der klicksafe-Lehrerfortbildungen bietet es für Lehrende und Multiplikatorinnen eine Fülle von sinnvollen Hilfestellungen und praxisbezogenen Tipps für den … It was pointed out in another related discussion that people may opt in to this without fully knowing what they're asking to opt in to, and then later decide they don't want to participate after they get selected and learn more about it. Usually just one word or number sequence, so entering via phone isn't too bad. Being app based, you can a proximity  setting for logging. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. It takes place in the Emerald Vale, and involves finding a cache of medicines, then deciding who gets it. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of We have no way of knowing. The Adventure Lab app is being soft launched to the geocaching community to augment the existing Lab Cache player and associated Lab Cache experiences. Februar veröffentlicht habe, betrifft mich diese Änderung nicht. Er hatte genauer gesagt nur zwei Teile des originalen Caches: die Reste des Deckels der Dose und einen Tauschgegenstand. / i), abgeleitet von altgriechisch γῆ gē „Erde“ und englisch cache „Versteck, geheimes Lager“), im deutschsprachigen Raum auch GPS-Schnitzeljagd genannt, ist eine Art Schatzsuche, die sich Ende des 20.Jahrhunderts auszubreiten begann. Unless there is typing involved ... then I would rather use a computer/keyboard. Mögt ihr Lab-Caches? Learn more. Eventually, the web player will be retired. - Seems (to me) they simply "recreated" it with a different name... Daisy chaining seems to be the case, I guess. The original intent of Lab Caches was to create a way to experiment with a new type of cache that doesn't have the restrictions imposed in the guidelines for existing cache types. Geocaching HQ has awarded 100 of the 250 Adventure credits. Da ich mein Adventure bereits vor dem 10. Info says there are 250 cachers who will be selected to place one of these Adventure Labs. Is it a successor to Wherigo? Might sound old-fashioned, but my very nice flip phone spends 95% of its life turned off sitting in my car.). It’s a pretty clear cut thing, but you still might end up with a dilemma. Since these things don't even have to have a container, could we now be seeing folks pushing the limits with "linear gameplay" power trails ? Or is it only for those that form a series, like the Seattle ones near the Space Needle? Even so, the fundamental intent was the same - containers for experimental ideas that could be universally verified/completed merely by supplying a keyphrase (just as Certitude puzzle cache checkers) which were themselves not necessarily the types of tasks or experiences that could be used for a geocache. Keep an eye on the Adventure Lab app to see the Adventures as they go live. This is a FB group with a map of where the Geocaching Adventure Labs are around the world. It has been 1 year, and there are around 600 AR caches. Still, if you have a high enough medical skill, you can notice that he definitely has symptoms of something. The Adventure Lab app is being soft launched to the geocaching community to augment the existing Lab Cache player and associated Lab Cache experiences. My response that you quoted was in response to thebruce0's post that Lab Caches "were restricted to mega events". This page is part of IGNs Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wiki guide, which includes a step-by-step walkthrough for completing the Die Maschine Zombies Easter Egg.. I think it could make sense for something with a historical theme, like guiding cachers to different locations in the chronological order of the historic events that happened there. Now (to me) it seems to be just another marketing thing. (Our idea of caching, for whatever type of cache we're looking for, is "load up the GPS, get outside, get away from constant interruptions" - giving the telemarketers an avenue for contacting us while we're outside enjoying the fresh air doesn't fly with me. That type no longer allowed by Groundspeak. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy I highly doubt that GS would allow large quantities of Lab Caches for "power trails". - a precursor to a possible new cache type. 5 Lab Caches have to found in order, which is 5 finds. Get the official app. Does this mean that folk like me, who don't have a mobile phone, will not be able to create or search for these caches? Not needing a container, and able to be played indoors seems (to me) just playing to pokemon and similar competing games. You can see in the app that there is now one active in Maine, "Bangor History Tour. Nun erreichte mich die Information, dass sich die Richtlinien zum Veröffentlichen der Adventure Lab Caches geändert haben. Nun, der Cacher der das Muggeln als erster wahrnahm, nahm die Reste des Caches und schuf damit – in nur kurzer Entfernung den „Un-Original Stache“. Cache ([kæʃ], [kaʃ][1]) bezeichnet in der EDV einen schnellen Puffer-Speicher, der (wiederholte) Zugriffe auf ein langsames Hintergrundmedium oder aufwendige Neuberechnungen zu vermeiden hilft. Correct. We are planning on 5 sets of 10 each Lab cache programs. The app will validate your location, so you have to be within an area defined by the Lab Builder when logging a find. So, to clarify, is this for ALL Lab caches from now on (like at every Mega event)? The cache is in the Emerald Vale community center, in the north part of the map. Der Arbeitsspeicher wird ebenfalls etwas höher belastet, so dass sich dieser Test gut für längere Durchläufe auf übertakteten Systemen anbietet, wenn es um die Stabilität und nicht die maximale Kühlperformance geht. The blog didn't tell much about components these new Lab caches may have. Probleme hatte ich allerdings bei der Dosensuche, denn nicht alle waren gut zu finden. I highly doubt that GS would allow large quantities of Lab Caches for "power trails". Es betrifft nur Owner, die ab dem 10. Nun könnte man per Copy & Paste einfach stumpf alle Cache loggen mit: „ACHTUNG EINHEITSLOG! Do the people who are appointed know already or is there still nobody chosen out of the group of people who wanted? The labs we did at the GPS Maze exhibit in Huntsville AL at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center were splendid. Daisy chaning seems to be the case, I guess. If you go in through the front door, you’ll see the passage leading to the quest marked is barred. So what ? I got an e-mail yesterday from GS with the subject "You won an Adventure Lab". 1. Now, in making them official, it seems they're still keeping the "lab" brand, which annoys me to a minor degree   Just run with the Adventure theme and own the freestyle keyword-completion concept. I think I can also make phone calls with it. Just in case anyone is actually wondering, the "selection" (I think the invitation said it would be a random draw) has apparently been done. There are a lot of words (and stuff) there, so he's terribly busy. Either each cacher would only be able to hide a limited number of "Adventures", or each "Adventure" would be limited in the number of "Locations" in each one. With Labs, the site/app will immediately credit the finder when they submit the correct code word/number. This reminds me of all the negativity in the community when Virtual Rewards were awarded to some selected geocachers. Geocaches sind nie vergraben; weder ganz, noch teilweise. This is a test - this is only a test. Bear in mind that, in order to receive an invite, the geocacher must meet the eligibility standards (copied in my prior post) AND they must have agreed to receive marketing communications from Geocaching HQ. Exactly. There is no CO to validate answers, as with Virtuals. This will be the go to place for charts, top lists, statbars, compares, achievements and map tools. The Mega Team will working hard on creating LAB caches. The app will supplement the Labs web player for a short period of time (likely for a couple months). Is this all we know about this matter? I'd be lost without it. I can only imagine how time-consuming that would be with a Mega event where there would be hundreds/thousands of such logs to validate. If you don't want to have smartphone at all, you can still have friends who does. He’ll ask you to get him the experimental antibiotics from the community center, because he can’t turn to anyone else. A collection of solutions for the infamous CMU labs. Those interested in the Adventure Labs launch may want to read the Blog Post, the Updated Help Center article about Lab Caches, the new Adventure Lab Guidelines, and the opt-in page. All Rights Reserved. Wie kann ich das ändern, denn ich möchte ja gerne testen, ob das mit den 30m Distanz funktioniert. A Lab Cache utilizing the "Linear Gameplay" option would mean that each Lab Cache has to be found in order, but there would be a "find" at each step. These gadgets were electronic, maybe raspberry pi or arduino based, fit into sturdy suitcase-type containers, powered by batteries bigger than just 9-volts. * Portable notepad, calculator, stopwatch. It's more of an iToolbox and less of a phone for me. Once you’ve got the medicine, it’s time to complete the quest. The opt-in page spells out the eligibility criteria, as follows: "To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria: As far as I can tell from various Facebook groups you’ve been unlucky if you haven’t received an invite! What happens to the Lab website/player? Ende 2018 hat das Geocaching HQ eine entsprechende Adventure Lab App für iOS und Android veröffentlicht die euch hilft Lab-Caches zu finden. Literally. In order to participate in finding and logging these LAB caches you MUST be physically at the cache location and you must log it through their mobile phone APP! Die weiter benötigten Hard- und Softwareprodukte müssen gesondert bestellt und aufgebaut werden. I'm sure there are other uses of the word Adventure in a GPS context that could cause confusion. My intent was to emphasize that mega events were where they gained their visibility and popularity. One other dfference between Lab Caches and Virtuals is the 'verification' aspect. Find words on plaques in a community park area, where physical caches are limited because the park doesn't want them there. Das klicksafe-Lehrerhandbuch Das klicksafe-Handbuch "Knowhow für junge User" ist eine praxisnahe Einführung in die weiten Felder der Online- und Netzkommunikationen. * And, most importantly, mobile gaming platform. Esther claims that she wants to use the medicine “on the people”, but can’t be arsed to go through proper channels. One reason they're separately counted is because it was initially a kind of mark of "yeah I helped test something". The app will supplement the Labs web player for a short period of time (likely for a couple months). By If you’re purely after the money, Esther will pay more, especially if you know how to haggle. I thought that "lab" caches were created as an experimental thing. The Adventure Labs require a separate app to find them. This will cut down on people being able to share the codes and armchair logging. Esther is presented as the “good” choice here, but she may just be trying to sell the medicine at a higher price later. When the 'web player' is retired, then the only way to log finds will be via the Adventure Lab app - on either iOS or Android. Seeing that Geocaching HQ has introduced Adventure Lab Caches, I decided to make thread to discuss them. Required fields are marked *, The death penalty in Valheim is basically the…, Copper deposits in Valheim are mounds that you…, Valheim crashes are rare, but they’re the kind…. It seems to me that these Adventure Lab caches are a way to allow users to experiment without the limitation of the cache being associated with an event. At this moment I am calling them virtual multi caches.