Ich muss sagen, in Sachen „Tastatur“ war ich bisher immer relativ konservativ und bescheiden: Eine einfache Mitsumi- Tastatur hat mir immer gereicht. Schnauzerz. CLIENT_SWITCH_L1 = "no" # Set to "yes" to switch off the lcd backlight when stopping g15daemon. The main features that made the keyboard special are still there - The LCD-screen, USB-hub and a backlight on all the keys, but there are also some changes from the original design that we'll explore in detail. Hi, I recently invested in the Logitech G15 keyboard and have it working in part with Vent and WoW which is great. Check out our review. Close. There are no FAQs for this Product. Register Getting Started FAQ Community Downloads Warranty Specifications Spare Parts Gallery Contact Us Downloads - Gaming Keyboard G510 There are no Downloads for this Product. Kein Cherry und schon gar keine Logitech- Tastatur mit alle diesen tollen „Multimedia“-Tasten. Use Logitech G HUB to customize game mode to disable any keys you don’t need. How the heck do you people set this thing up to … If anybody has a link or can explain to me … I recently bought a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard (for 15 euro's :D) and it came without a manual. I havent managed to get any of my spells or macros to run from these buttons. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. Enjoy hours of non-stop game time on a single charge. I know they're 3 sets of hotkeys, but i cant quite figure out how to program them, and how to use the MR key. Customising the gameboard is quite easy to do with the Logitech Gaming Software. Having troubles making macros with my Logitech G15 This topic is locked from further discussion. Default is the MR key, # Set to "yes" to use L1 key instead (black round key below the LCD, above the multimedia keys). Intro. So I can see my WoW stats etc in the LCD yet when it comes to configuring the 6 G-buttons on the left I'm not having much luck. Battery indicator light on the keyboard and Logitech G HUB will notify you when you’re at 15 percent battery. So I press MR, assign a G key, and press the button. Fully recharges in just three hours. ... You can also quickly record macros by pressing using the "MR" button. There's also a backlight button which allows you to turn off the backlighting instantly. From the quickstart guide:. Die Logitech G15 hat … Before you starting recording macros in-game: Launch the Logitech Gaming Software (Start > Logitech > Logitech Gaming Software 7.x). Die Treiberaktualisierung seitens Logitech funktioniert seit dem Release der G15 Refresh auch wieder und auch die Anzahl der unterstützten Spiele wurde erhöht. REMARKABLE BATTERY LIFE. I really cant find anything on the internet about manuals or user guides, and i was wondering how to use the M-keys. Für die G15 gibt es bereits haufenweise fertige Applets für die Nutzung des Displays und das Selberbauen von neuen ist auch kein Problem (Drittanbietersoftware erforderlich !). M-keys—Each M-key extends the capability of the G-keys, allowing you to assign up to 3 different key configurations to each profile for your G-keys. Option "XkbModel" "logitech_g15" Service OpenRC. The Logitech G915 keyboard brings it all: wireless, RGB, macro and media keys, mechanical switches, and a new low-profile look. Please note that such operations as Win-1, Win-2, etc change the active program and with it profile and that ruins the macro. Ich brauch keinen Knopf mit nem Brief drauf, um zu wissen, wo ich mein E‑Mail- Programm starten kann. I find it easier than using Razer's Synapse. BACKLIGHT_OFF = … The original Logitech G15 gaming keyboard was reviewed in Metku.net just over two years ago, and not too long ago Logitech came up with the revision 2 of the G15. Creating macros in-game using the MR key. Welcome to Logitech Support. Creating macros in-game using the MR key.