And like BP, I’m living somewhere I don’t want to be. I was shot in the chest with a gun and survived. I’ve also realised that that I’ve always had the power, they wanted to take if from me. I met him in 2007 about a year after I divorced my first husband who was also a Scorpio. Plus being a sensitive, I just would not do well in a high traffic environment like a store or fast food place. Pluto crossed my descendant in 1995 on the day I was attacked and molested by a stranger on my school campus. I had spent 8 years getting him into and through medical school, and walked away with nothing. A month before exact conjunction I went over all Europe to study in different country for exchange semester (4 months). I never had a very good job until now. Pluton sekstil Ascendent tranzit je u kojem dobro shvaćate svoju ulogu koju imate u tuđim životima. Thanks! Lou, the light is there, just hidden for a while, then a spark will appear…. Oh man. And, I don’t loose a minutes worth of sleep over it. my longtime colleague died. Finally I got another job, in a completely different career, being a floor worker at a crisis center. I also have Chiron in 4th house, as well North Node. !but i came back lol, I’ve been having tPluto tSaturn in 4th opp Mars Pluto 10th. But, now, I see that it haunted me through my attempts at partnering until 2010. (Sound of crickets..) Nothing. You made the distinction that in Equal house the angles (cusps 1,4,7 & 10) are all determined by the degree of the Ascendant- I get that. Pluto has crossed my Nadir opposing my MC twice and I have had no incentive to continue what I usually love to do. We fought constantly. Oh my gosh Melissa! Today, many years later, I wake up every day happy about one thing or another. We were living in this horrible basement studio apartment (it was so bad, it would flood in heavy rain and there was literally 2 or 3 inches of mucky water in part of the apartment for days afterwards) for a long while, then while pluto was still in my 1st, we became a bit homeless, and my brother and I were sent to live with my aunt/grandma as my mom had some kind of breakdown? I have been experiencing the combination you describe and for me it has been perhaps the most difficult time of my life. Some nights my hands and arms would be so worn out that I could barely shift my 5-speed to drive home. When Pluto & Saturn conjoined exactly on my IC back in the early 80’s, my father walked out on our family for another woman and my mom and I were left impoverished and homeless and moved around for a number of years. pluto is now opp my venus in cancer 10th house, (near MC). And now Uranus is at my Ascendant. Saturn is hitting now, almost exact return, and the rest is exact in February, I think. But most jobs I suffered abuse from my bosses. What dreams I chase (my moon is in Capricorn conj my asc as well) are a current theme; old ones surface and in the light of a new morning, I ask, “Still the one?” More then not, the answer is probably no longer. Yes my ascendant is libra so my second house is ruled by Scorpio. I’ve recently found myself without a job or home or partner, and I’m due to be bereaved very soon (they are end stage COPD). I used to eat whatever without concern as far as sugar and whatnot. Saturn is prominent in my chart: ascendant in cap, Saturn in the 7th in cancer conjunct the descendant. Yeah. When my transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn in the 6th in Sag, opposition natal Moon in 12th in Gemini, suddenly life as i knew it was no more, it crumbled in front of my eyes & i was powerless, i fell extremely hard from a mystery illness, it involved my immune system but none of the specialists & professors i saw could work it out. Make use of this time to nourish the relationships that are genuine and really important to you. 2017 was the worst year ever for me! My rising sign is Leo. A fight for my life that lasted three years. I had a bad accident in 2004 that disfigured my face,blinded my right eye and turned my world upside down for quite sometime with some effects still lingering. My MC is 22 Pisces. . I was born with Pluto on my MC conj. :'(. Now I realize she was just fishing for information. Thanks, Rob. We ran into a McDonalds. Any time is a good time to start a 12 step program imo. I wonder what will happen during Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunct … I am about 8 years from the big final exam of Saturn return. Elsa, in reading what you wrote about equal houses based on the ascendant, (11 degrees Libra), would that mean that you would consider my IC to be 11 degrees Cap rather than the 13.57 that astrodienst shows it as? October 2020 and while I still agree with this a rats nest is added to the mix. Or moving back to where I originally come from. Well, at this point, I don’t know what to say about Pluto. Bedeutungsvolle Diskussionen, geistige Aktivität und sinnvolle Tätigkeiten wirken nun unterstützend – unbedeutende Ausgeh-Bekanntschaften und oberflächliche Freundschaften werden zur Last. However in the equal house system, it won’t hit my MC for 18 more degrees, so maybe I still have it coming? The neighbors right across the street said they had 3 to 4 inches of water in their home, and for some reason I could never figure out, I got about 3 feet of water at my place. Maybe I’m using the wrong house system (Placidus)…..? Have you also gone through Saturn in 4th?? Let’s see what happens then…for now I definitely feel both Uranus and Pluto strongly. Pluto … I feel like I can accept whatever is coming; however, I have to tell you, with the Saturn/Neptune aspect hitting my Virgo planets, I just have no strength to fight; that’s why I’ve moved into acceptance. Definitely having a change of career occuring. I actually did a detox and really that has reset everything. Haus – Betrifft momentan alle Menschen mit Steinbock-Aszendent: Meist mit einschneidenden Veränderungen der Lebensausrichtung verbunden, bringt zudem Verborgenes und Verdrängtes an die Oberfläche. You may think I could just go get a job anywhere but when you have had the experience I had you would only want to do what feels good to you. Mom moved in with me in 2012 and I lost her this year in March. Its going to take a miracle for me to ever get involved in that again. We naturally and quickly became close and within sort period of time and started to think about how we could be together after my studies ends here. Saturn is also about to enter his 12th. Pluto is in my 4th. then a tornado. The feeling I get is like having my head under water. That ended in a draw, which I didn’t like, so I changed my strategy somewhat, acquired some skills and now I don’t have to give anybody a draw. I’m there. What happened? Most importantly, it helps with interpretation because the fact of the matter is, anything that affects the 1st house affects the 7th (most astrologers accept this). I met a man who I am having an intense long distance relationship with…it’s obsessive, it’s not light or fun like my sag stellium would like, but hey he’s got tons of both libra and scorpio…. Pluto er hverken positiv eller negativ. Pluto will be coming up to conjunct my MC at 22 Capricorn in February 2019. Who said himself that he’s dangerous…, When pluto crossed my IC I told my parents I was gay. My daughter decided not to come with me which was a heartbreak. And Chiron sextile Chiron. my Moon. It also happened near the month that I had sex for the first time. I had Pluto conjunct my IC in 1987-88, and not much happened. All the major conjunctions happening that year fall on my DC and it is also my Saturn opposition that year. I know to my core the feeling of having everything stripped from you. I mean, I definitely have challenges and struggle but I can feel it all moving me in a positive direction. Now I am very health conscious. Pluto is now retrograding back within one degree of my Midheaven. Was the hardest and best years of my life. Got my legs knocked out from under me again and again until I figured out where to put my feet, literally and figuratively. that´s a lot to handle!! This section is for many of us, who need a detailed transit chart of Pluto in the signs. Where or how does one choose equal house system at Astrodienst – I can’t find it. I’ve been hard at regaining my health for over a year and my oldest is about to go to kindergarten, so I’m hoping for a chance to get out and work. Sorry for complaining, I’m just so unhappy all the time. Left. I’m just grateful to be alive. (Pluto had started to move retrograde direction and was coming back to cross my DSC back to 6th house). Transiting Pluto is trining my Virgo ascendant right now. I KNOW that in September Pluto will be going back to the same point (IC & Mars)so let go! Right now Pluto is at 9 degrees in my 11th house. Pluto crossing my Midheaven THE turning point in my life, and now I know I can handle Anything that comes my way. Probably to save his own ass ….thinking we would report him. I have always felt it was odd that really the major planets don’t seem to phase me much. Pluto to your Venus is a major challenge to your relationship. But it did, over time, make me review my relationship with my really dysfunctional family, which, in the end, was useful, and the reason all of the above manifested. I also wonder if it might be when I get married and have children since the MC is also about social status like marriage and parenthood. I was filled with embarrassment. He is nothing I have ever met before and I was so amazed by him, like he is everything I have ever wanted. This time can be extended if the transit Pluto is making is a multiple of complex one. It looks like a forced career change for me or maybe forced retirement. Pluto Transit Mythology Means That The Second Pass Of Pluto Is When Your Transformation Looks Disastrous. Otherwise I guess I can maybe chalk it up to the fact that the transit is not over yet. It’s kinda crazy how a 10 minute window of uncertainty around birth time translates into a year or two (at least?) (My aunt was a wonderful soul.) Pluto is also squaring Chiron in the First house, which is conjunct my Ascendent. I’m hoping for some major life changes this coming year (new job, relocation). It took me about two years to fit in and by junior high school I was popular and doing well in school. My natal Pluto is on the IC at 29 degrees. You become tired of your role in life, and you are very sensitive to habits, customs, and social requirements that hide the “real you”. My mother and I share the same ASC, and she lost her partner, who was like an autority figure for her also, since my dad was 20 + years older than my mother. Uranus in 7th? Thanks Elsa & every-one for your stories! I’m ready for another one just because I want to keep on top of it and I loved the mental clarity I got from it. My boss called me in and told me the team was “having trouble” with me. From that beautiful sunny day of settlement in August of 2004, never had I ever felt more stability and accomplishment, in my lifetime. I picked up the pieces in the months that followed and felt both happy and free but at the time it was happening, all I could do was live one day at a time. I knew what was waiting at home. They are 0 Sag and 0 Gem rather than MC/IC which are 20 Taurus/Scorpio? I think it dilutes things for no good purpose or gain. Uranus was conj my NN and the moon was almost exactly on top my Natal Neptune in Scorpio. So we both have this time I guess issues in our minds and chaning stability and structures of life. the second time, we moved to another State, the 3d time I am not sure about. But that’s quite alright. Then, the guilty person would give it up. UGH! I am confused about which house method and chart method to use when evaluating Pluto/Saturn transits. To me that’s a matter of discerning what you’d like to do, determining it it’s even remotely realistic and if it is, you then plot a path towards your goal. i was 21. Now that I’m getting married, the stakes are even higher. Scared to death is the least. guess that helps. not by choice, my friends all decided to kick me out. IC. i started working with a big star in the electronic music genre and now hes trying to control me (pluto in 4th, opp venus in 10th). The rest happened in 2018 – Now. 1. also for some reason I’m attracted more men than usual. Relationships undergo a profound transformation and offer an opportunity for a very positive change to occur in your life, being able to develop your personality so that you can mature and grow internally. Here we see triggers to acute illness, like an inflammation, diseases and even cancer. I have other transits and progressions indicating marriage and parenthood too that’s why I was thinking about it. It’s been interesting reading these – my angles are the tail end of 17 degrees (Libra Asc), so I’m very much in the eye of the storm. And, they drove out to get us. In fact, for the first time in my life I was sick of this game. When Pluto crossed my Asc in Scorpio 28 degrees, it was 1994. I also lost everything you listed. But the women of this ethnic group are the worst. Remember too This too will passsp relax and enjoy and do what makes you feel good in your heart<3, Thnx. My daughter thought she crazy. Transit Pluto usually only moves through 3-5 houses in a chart during your lifetime. We have conscription, you know. I can say I am better for it. It was the day before the move and I was desperate. I have spent most of my spare time during the last year restoring the house since Pluto at the 4th is good for house repair but the main point is that the whole house system was supported by events. I got my first job under this transit and was a Devils wears Prada scenario…. I remained like a daughter to my aunt and uncle until they both died in 2002. Life is so hard. This particular ethnic group is very prejudiced against white people, and the state I live in has a very low white population compared to others. Within the last 2 years. Have had the Outers travelling alongside me my whole life – have never felt I belonged anywhere – this is the second time Pluto’s crossed an Angle ( been in 4th House for a few years now).