has been performing in tanzania this was actually, a decline in terms of support and perhaps that could be what has informed you know the kind of repressive laws that are ever actually seen because what we believe is that the president is trying to consolidate power and also consolidate as you know we know as we go into this election so as. the same goes for restaurants this evening 3 guests have already cancelled their reservations at the old boss sunda is worried that it could get even worse. i merely for how much time thanks for watching. and we'd love to give you more culture news and updates check out our website at d w dot com slash culture thanks for watching. "Hart aber fair" ist heute am 18.01.21 im TV zu sehen. cutter. Hart, Nina M. Saline, MI Nina M. Hart of Saline, MI. of. she's now nearing 100 when unavailable 1st met an interview years ago she knew she had to write about this woman and her incredible life and she did so in the form of an epic poem i couldn't imagine writing a classical novel in which i put some words in my protagonists mouth for instance, or invent some dialogue. outside of the marine protected area you can see the problem much of the coral has died and sea urchins were steadily growing because there are no fish here to eat them. the literary figure as unique as the woman who inspired her. katherina cost doesn't use paint brushes she prefers working with a spray paint. this sort of international monetary fund says it expects the damage from the coronavirus pandemic be less severe than previously predicted but many major nations are still in line for record drops in g.d.p. is the most important thing and that's how we become better givers you know and when you give when you give people give to you. these people are among 3000000 authorities say they have tested for corona virus in the city of qingdao in the last few days alone it took just 12 confirmed cases to prompt the massive campaign that helps explain why new chinese infections remain extremely low and why its economy is powering into the post pandemic period quicker than most. 1:00 am . ministers meeting in luxembourg want of traffic light system showing regions as green orange or red depending on the number of coronavirus cases ministers hope to avoid the kind of confusion that disrupted travel across the e.u. Oktober: Eine neue Ausgabe von “Hart aber fair” läuft in der Regel montags, ab 21 Uhr im Ersten. Nur von Michael Kretschmer ist nichts zu hören. those green corner from 1998 was a milestone in catalina causes on ballard artwork ignoring all. have fun enjoy. from our jack submission of classes work can currently be seen at homburg a bomb hoff museum for contemporary art and most of her work the mingling and mixing of strong colors plays a key role. Besonders schlecht kommt „Hart aber fair“ ... www.merkur.de Anne Will, Hart aber fair & Co. to when and go to the poorly in the general elections we have seen that you know there have the human race development in the country in the lead up to this election has not been anything that you know we would actually call it you know good we have seen during this period you know. Folgen Sie Artikeln, Themen und unseren Journalisten aus aller Welt. because of the emphasis on the digital some creativity gets lost there are a few random encounters for example pick the great thing about physically being here is that i can look up on my shoulder and see what's going on 10 meters behind me to counter that online guitar and 20 twentieth's guest of honor i cam of that has postponed its physical presence at the fair until next year instead it's presenting a culturally diverse offering online including books on its indigenous population the 2020 frankfurt book fair is an experiment but will it remain an. can impose tariffs on top to $4000000000.00 of u.s. kids in retaliation for washington's illegal support they make or boeing it's one of the largest penalties imposed by the w t o a comes, a year after it authorized billions in tariffs against the e.u. before she creates her large artworks she designs a smaller model. i'm on him on the phone talking when you have to social distance in a room where 50 people normally sit and now it's just 10 to 20 of the make it's a very hard from an economic standpoint it's a question of time until you run out of money you're practically being bled dry. Revenue for the third quarter ended April 30, 2020 was $1.566 million, an increase of $81,000 or approximately 5% compared to $1.485 million for the third quarter ended April 30, 2019. majority. RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland – aktuelle Nachrichten. american bands future islands talks about their new album about trust and self-love. about trust and acceptance. because. now the tit for tat continues the world trade organization says the you can slap tariffs on up to $4000000000.00 of u.s. goods over washington's illegal support the plane maker boeing has one of the largest penalties imposed by the w t o but the e.u. with. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for. wrote an autobiography and there's also been a documentary made about her. sometimes as the lows are let's just blend in with tradin need to do a new one because a good the and they have some of them so they also keeping it and. here on the coast of kenya this fishing community has set up a marine protected area the size of 42 soccer fields fishing is prohibited so that, the stocks can be replenished coral can help. save everybody stays in the series so stay safe the phrase is to say. european union countries have agreed on a so-called traffic light system for restricting travel from coronavirus hotspots countries will be labeled as green orange or red depending on the range of corona infections as com says europe's hottest country openly to the czech republic imposes a 3 week state of emergency. the frankfurt book fair is one, of the biggest states in publishing every year thousands of industry professionals from around the world descend on the city to trade rights and promote new releases this year the pandemic has forced the closure of exhibition halls nearly everything online won't be quite the same but the organizers hope the virtual events they come up with will prove almost as rewarding. Frank Plasberg führt am Montagabend durch die Polittalkshow “Hart aber fair”. the fares social political stage is this year all about europe and its cultures naturally it's online. a kenyan fishing community is reaping the rewards for its work and saving its coral reef. us one go there this is my tool it's like a spear because it comes out at the top. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis live in poverty. this impressive piece will also disappear. code 19 special. the purest concrete building in berlin is home to catalina classes studio. Thema bei "hartaberfair" am Montag, 14.12.2020 um 21.00 Uhr ARD Mediathek & Das Erste : "Macht zu die Tür, die Fenster auf - … this means that tens of thousands of employees and artists are currently without lark and so far have no prospect of continued employment meanwhile the costs for running clubs are just coming to a stop. discovered. In Zeiten des Internets verbreiten sich Verschwörungs­theorien rasant und meist ungeprüft. Viele haben dazu etwas zu sagen. In der ARD-Mediathek sind die aktuelle Folge sowie Wiederholungen alter Sendungen noch Monate nach ihrer Erstausstrahlung abrufbar. „Wenn Politik auf Wirklichkeit trifft“ – unter diesem Motto lädt Moderator Frank Plasberg einmal wöchentlich zur Talkrunde mit Gästen aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Update 22. the exhibition called it wasn't us can be experienced until january 2021. back and 2014 the u.s. banned future iowans became the flavor of the month they then pressed out their next album in just 3 weeks front man samuel t. herring said it was a flop because his writing felt rushed and dishonest now the band is back their new album is very sincere. Due to public health restrictions, the 2020 fair will have a modified schedule of events. china had major strategic achievements fighting the epidemic its production was the 1st in the world to be restarted and has successfully filled the global supply shortage. 16 s w. w's crime fighters are back now for those most success home radio, drama series continues only this odes are available online and of course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook and other social media platforms to crime fighters to mindanao. enjoys the fact that her artworks exist for a limited amount of time. last year more than 300000 industry professionals and visitors came to the frankfurt book fair it's the most important industry show of the year some 7500 exhibitors meet this year because of coronavirus the trade holes are empty the book fair has gone digital the message home music and the trade fair holes won't be the same this year as well as a decent realized event we've had to come up with a relatively large scale digital concept and most. Erhalten Sie exklusive Nachrichten zuerst, indem Sie Updates aktivieren. starts october 15th w. . Oktober geht es um den „Streit um die Sprache“. just. spent with us and i think this great beauty in the temporal limited existence and disappearance of the artworks which lingus and is a long process because it's an advent and the deconstructions are already happening. Es kann ja jetzt nicht ein Jahr lang so gehen. after a short is the guest trust banks right there with its $256.00 antennas is expected to start searching for space junk early next year. yes maybe on popularity a know that in pretty 15 presumably fully elected by a few kids president when back then this was actually knowing how the ruling party. at the height of the initial outbreak earlier this year. to under lease to and he's today as still pushing on a brave face but they're not expecting the next 2 weeks to be easy. spatial barriers she paints on entire landscapes and bright colors. in our latest world economic outlook we continue to project a deep recession in 2020 global growth is projected to be minus 4.4 percent which, is a small upgrade from june. Die besten Serien- und Filmtipps vom RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland - jeden Monat neu. she's a german born writer and translator she 1st she was writing in french and then she was translating who works into german now she writes 1st in german and translates her words into french translates as usually translates into their mother tongue and not the other way around so that's quite so that's sort of unusual she's received a number of the wards including the european translation prize and as a writer she is known for her willingness to experiment almost all of who works are very different from the others this one is an epic poem that's not a usual form from any novelist melissa thanks so much. tv Hart aber fair Deutsche Welle August 26, 2020 1:00am-2:01am CEST . the song thrill from the new album as long as you are feels like a commentary on the current global crises. Heute berichten wir von der Geschichte eines Arztes und wie er zur Radikalisierung der Szene beiträgt. the quotes and i have a daughter who is at high risk she has a heart defect and was hospitalized 5 times by age 3. and when you see your child suffer like that and then see how the situation is getting really dangerous you really don't want to see anyone go through that as much to money money and so more than human nightclubs have been struggling with coronavirus restrictions for months, with alternative events like these they try to keep their hands above water but small concerts are hardly profitable clubs have been shut for months many of them face financial ruin. and now and i j an artist is combining ott and fashion to create unique and colorful pieces that are sending for thousands of dollars while selena. job you made 4 minds. Das waren acht Sonntage ohne sie, diesmal sind es elf. creates a fortress out of no pieces of fabric that would otherwise be thrown away. i'm going for the most unwelcome we begin with a pandemic in europe european union countries half agreed to a common strategy for restricting travel from coronavirus hotspots e.u. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Captioning provided by Automated Speech Recognition, not the broadcaster. medical staff at this hospital in prague are doing all they can to protect themselves nearly 3000 doctors and nurses have been infected with the virus meaning many are unable to work. says the u.s. economy will do slightly better than average this year is a 6 percent drop for the german economy but that is a lot better than some other members of the eurozone but outstripping all of them we can see that the chinese economy is actually expand expected to grow by 1.9 percent during 2020 now as that i.m.f. every day and gala and sajjad mohamed go to the lagoon to check out the coral they've been growing algae has to be removed from it in order for the coral to grow properly. and even the floor is a part of the artwork. 6:30 pm . last prediction 4 months ago a 5.2 percent in its latest world economic outlook the i.m.f. bob woodward and that's the heroic at that and with me it became a heroine's epic. „Hart aber fair“ am 5. we know this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance and wash your hands if you can date and how we do w. for here for you we are working hard listening to keep you informed on all of our platforms and we are all in disagreement run together to make it through. and i'm now joined by amnesty international's roland bowler he research is ten's and here welcome to news africa roland thank you action in tanzania is 2 weeks away you've just radius of report warning that president before his government is and a mining civil freedom said this about the timing of this report of course more about what's in it so this report is basically a follow up to a lot of very put it it will. intimidation against harassment arbitrary arrests and detention but not just against politicians we've seen and media houses media outlets journalists being too new repressive laws and we've also seen critics such, as at least you know you'd hear about a case of a comedian eateries hooten that was arrested for laughing at a throw back and forth of the president and what was he charged with in court last had read you know failure to register and you simply can't you know suck in such trumped up charges you seen repression harassment against even clerics religious clerics right now and it's in their report you know are really just a muslim religious leader that is in their id so it is everyone that is being targeted at the moment roland is it your view that the op tell between 8 election will not be free and. on savation area now the fish population is booming and they're fishing off once again. how much is contained. when artist cut of the no cost traded and paint brushes for a spray gun she wanted to move away from the canvas she wanted to make paintings. frazier. bars now have to show us and restaurants can only offer takeaway it's another heavy blow for an already struggling hospitality sector. have fun in pyongyang. Hart aber fair vom 04. be targeted for decent but it turns and in state and, if you put this situation over an extended period of time we do reach you know human rights very relations have been continuing and especially with new lows what i mean went to all the laws and also blanket ban such as on political rallies how popular is president john michael flynn who we've just watched the report we've seen and they have packed a whole like stadium almost off support says. the. reading the novel. Juni das letzte Mal und kehrte am 25. free market access is becoming, more and difficult intellectual property theft humans rights violations. many publishers said they'd interview their own authors and then present the results at the fair thing in this, time but what if you miss a deal of the numerous digital platforms industry professionals from around the world can communicate and present their authors this year selection is extremely diverse from star chef jamie oliver to whistleblower edward snowden. in her studio in lagos the 31 year old artist uses the material to create colorful canvases. Go with the grace of God, and with the fleeting light of the sunset, she did. interest in the environment has increased recently in line with concern over the climate crisis and global pollution but what about the wider environment surrounding our planet there's plenty of garbage up in space as well and it's becoming more and more of a problem for spacecraft and satellites and have a gas trust based radar a device developed here in germany designed to track orbiting trash well before it can cause any damage. Einerseits werden rassistische Straßen- und Markennamen derzeit vielerorts umbenannt, andererseits steht die Frage im Raum: Wer zensiert wen, grenzt aus und schafft Tabus? do this only we have to find at least a call piece in ourselves. $400.00 fishermen and their families are taking part in the marine project they also meet frequently to discuss the situation their goal is to eventually have a secure source of income to support their families. “Zuschaueranwältin” Brigitte Büscher kümmert sich um die Reaktionen der Zuschauer und trägt ihre Kommentare in die Talkrunde. about. you're watching news from berlin up next it's news africa and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's dot. you know all the national electoral commission suspended me for 7 days. i don't know it's international we. data suggests chinese companies are having a very different experience during this global health emergency from those in the rest of the world the countries productivity is racing back towards preach pandemic, levels one particular area for optimism is the chinese car sector. germany's business in the middle kingdom is going well but frank how much longer. a cluster. can hit $4000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods with penalty tariffs. also coming up. Der neue Gesellschaftspodcast mit Imre Grimm und Kristian Teetz. the project could set an, example for others and gather and his colleagues often get physics from other fishing communities who'd like to follow their example. soon i recalled that there was an ancient form in which great exploits and daring deeds were told. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gibt auf – für ihre Partei sind jetzt viele Fragen offen: Wer folgt an die Parteispitze? to be healthy because most of the, community living along the coast may walk the men walk that they have deep and it is fish. training successful. Der RND-Newsletter "Das Stream-Team"! Laden Sie jetzt die RND-App herunter, aktivieren Sie Updates und wir benachrichtigen Sie laufend bei neuen Entwicklungen. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Thema bei "hart aber fair" heute um 21.00 Uhr @DasErste : "Freiheit nur in kleinen Schritten: Wie schädlich wird die Dauer-Quarantäne?" mit Karl Lauterbach über das Coronavirus in den Schlachthöfen der Firma Tönnies. TV Archive plant is true some cool stuff. for private on the hunt for. why are people forced to harden trucks. the i.m.f. he is obviously the person who's pushing these reforms just give us a sense of his popularity of course the kinds of human rights oppression that you are observing. we have to. monday to friday on d w. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. Bei „Hart aber fair“ raten alle Gäste zu einer Lösung – bis auf Sahra Wagenknecht: Sie setzt auf ein Konzept, das viele als überholt ansehen. opposer tour has so far sold more than $100.00 of her portraits through the gallery each one a labor of love an artist you can turn what others would throw away into a new creation. are free and fair elections will be democratic and all that but one of the things that you call for ease that breaks must never be suspended with it's before with aids during or after elections which we are calling for is that human rights must, be respected as we head to the elections all right that's amnesty international. in the present. a huge bomb has exploded while being to diffuse remotely near the polish seaport off we knew each to no one was injured the 5 and a half ton device was discovered last year during dredging up the operations it was one of several bombs dropped by british airplanes to sink a german warship in 1945 not through the regular malise i mean he says suspected jihadists have killed at least 12 soldiers and burnt down an army, base near the village of so cool the army says 9 militants were killed the west african country has been struggling since 2012 to contain and islamist insurgency that has killed thousands to the u.s. now where president donald trump's nomination for the vacant seat on the supreme court has appeared before the senate judiciary committee any county barrett who is a devout catholic told senators that her religious views would not influence her decisions trump is pressing to have confirmed as a justice before the presidential election on november 3rd. to come here in a few. tv Hart aber fair Deutsche Welle November 3, 2020 6:30pm-7:30pm CET . says only massive injections of government have kept economies from plunging even further and it expects growth in 2021 to be slightly slower than forecast in june warning against reducing government support to quickly. Gesendet wird live aus Köln oder Berlin. Oktober gibt es hier. germany's business and the middle kingdom is going well but frank how much longer. china as a trading partner is becoming increasingly greater. where. that he she is getting scared and therefore that. recently is this book coming out in english it's out in french and german will our audience be able to read it well i spoke to the publishes they said they haven't received any offers for english rights yes but about half the books that receive the gemma book prize are translated into english so the chance is fairly likely they're likely to say that we. community on kenya's small and close turned out of their water. china as a trading partner is becoming increasingly greater. news africa is coming up on the program and on fellows in tanzania ahead of the general election rights groups say president john long before he is taking the country from the rule of law to rule by goal as he seeks to consolidate his power. and which long. want to do yours today counterfeiter future. what new findings have researchers me. that didn't just hang on walls but could stand alone well this year during berlin's lockdown corsa got the chance to take over a museum the result is totally off the wall she's one of the most successful artists of our time kathleen koch. the nurnberg trials. has passed and donald trump's nomination for the vacant seat on the supreme court says her of religious views sports not to influence her decisions the 2nd day of confirmation hearings sought to votes cast like amy coney barrett questioned sanders judiciary committee. Sendezeit der nächsten Ausgabe “Hart aber fair”: Dienstag, 6.10.2020, 2.35 Uhr (Das Erste), Dienstag, 6.10.2020, 20.15 Uhr (tagesschau24), Bingo am Sonntag – Zahlen und Gewinne im Überblick, Quotensieg: Krimi-Wiederholung „Unschuldig“ (ARD) schlägt WM-Handballübertragung (ZDF), NRW-Vize: Virologen sollen weniger in Talkshows auftreten, Tweet https://twitter.com/hartaberfair/status/1311988079796916226. but i can read that to you now come. Was gibt es Neues auf Netflix & Co.? what i had prepared was something of a consolation speech for myself for the very likely event that i would not win. the woman whose life unavailable recount says a novel in verse was born in a fishing village in brittany she was the only child of staunch communists who wanted to create a better world and then she was determined to fight for that too in 1940 when the germans occupied france she joined the french resistance risking her life more than once. tv Hart aber fair Deutsche Welle August 25, 2020 7:30pm-8:25pm CEST . those still tough economic times the question is how much money people especially here in the united states and also outside china are willing to pay for the new gadgets yes always see how it sells when it hits the market akhara spawns in new york quarter and here in berlin the government has imposed curbs on nightlife between 11 pm and 6 am in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus effective curfew is a blow to bars and restaurants that were already struggling many nightclubs also face ruin as emily go dean reports close for the night 11 pm that's normally when call about funguses bar would start to fill up now it's when the lights go out and the doors shut compulsory masks social distancing and now a curfew tough times for bars and clubs in the party capital berlin. welcome to arts and culture when german author on a very met former resistance fighter and bowman while she knew she wanted to write, a book about her this week that book one of a brother german prize the work titled i met an epic of a hero when tells the story of a young woman who rescues jewish youths and nazi occupied france and later spends 10 years in prison for joining the algerian fight for independence there's more on this year's german book prize winner.